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Very good application

Very good application. This works fine and offer a very beautifull view of the calendar on the desktop. It only lacks the possibility to not display an icon in the dock and maybe to display or not the todos

Excellente APP... to improve ! A améliorer !

I just bought, installed and used your application "Blotter" on my mac. Good job... this App is great, useful and convenient. Nevertheless, could you please, Editors, bring us soon an update of your app "Blotter" : to have the possibility on the Preferences Menu, to be able to choose the SIZE (and enventually the police) of the caracters, written on the main calendar, the days and the hours. Because, it is written really too small ! I can tell you that... even on full screen of my iMac 24" (iMac 1920 x 1200)... it is written very small and it is really difficult to read. Thank you in advance, Editors, for your comprehension. Je viens tout juste dacheter, dinstaller et dutiliser cette application "Blotter" sur mon mac. Du bon travail...cette App est génial, utile et pratique. Néanmoins, pouvez-vous SVP, Messieurs les Editeurs, nous apporter bientôt une mise à jour, qui permettrait dans le Menu "Préférences" de choisir le Taille (éventuellement la Police) de caractères, écrits sur le calendrier, les jours et les heures. Parce-que, cest vraiment écrit trop petit ! Je peux vous le dire... même en plein écran sur mon iMac 24 pouces (iMac 1920 x 1200)... cest écrit trop petit et cest vraiment difficile à lire. Merci davance, chers Editeurs, de votre compréhension.

Must have!

Great app, great buy! Very simple to use, increased my awareness with my tasks.

Finally…. Retina



passt super und ist sehr informativ, man hat alles im Blick


finally a calender that does what i want…..

Amazaing Application. Shows great promise.

Looks Great & Just works. The to do list where you need it. Some negatives however and I am sure they will be fixed. Dual Display Support not in this version. Simply displays on the monitor with your menu bar. Opacity and color are preset & no ability to hide the dock icon. Great application and I look forward to new versions.

Looks great and does the job

Id appreciate a little more in the way of transparency options, but so far so good. Does a great job and looks nice.

Great look, not so great capatability with Google

Would like to see it sync directly with google calendar instead of requiring me to go through iCal. Once you sync google with iCal it works great but you still have to open iCal for it to update a new entry in your calendar.

Great app... But....

Been looking for an app like this for ages. However this is certainly not worth 9.99. You cant adust the view beyond week, or day. Most furstrating: you cant pick and choose which calendars to show or to hide. It automatically shows them all. Hope these fixes are in the update, or Id be asking for a refund :(

OK, but a little expensive for what it offers

First, the good: the app does what it says it will and makes a nice desktop calendar. It also encourages you to keep your desktop free of ugly file clutter :P The first version didnt allow you to pick which calendar(s) you wanted to look at, which was a major problem for anyone who has multiple calendars and a busy schedule. The second version does let you pick which calendars to display, but the menu is REALLY slow. I actually thought the update didnt work at first. Staff were super helpful and responsive when I (and presumably others) requested this feature after the first version came out, and I appreciate that. Downsides are the clunkiness of the preferences and the price. $9.99 is really steep for what this does. Its more of a $.99 item: helpful, but not essential. There are similar widges for iCal that you can run in your dock for free, so most people will look for alternatives before shelling out $10 for a convenience app.

Very good

For me refresh/sync is fast :-) Just add a ToDo in Mail and 3 seconds later it appears in Blotter. The size of the view can be chosen, position also by moving it with the cursor in the preferences. In fact Blotter is everything I did before with Geektools and a lot of scripts but easier, most beautiful (more expensive) and it works fine :-) I really like the "ToDo" display, its clear, not too big... I like everything in the design. In preferences we can chose which calendars we want to be displayed by Blotter. Concerning the price Im also one who think that 10$ is expensive for what Blotter do. Ok, I like it a lot... but actually 10$ for that is expensive. It would be (in my opinion) more fair with a price between 99 cents and 5$. Thats why I put only 3 stars. Without the price question it would have 5 stars without hesitating.

Needs some UI options

I like having my calendar and to-dos on my desktop, but the default font is awkwardly condensed and almost unreadable. I would like to be able to change the fonts, maybe transparency, maybe add drop shadows. Right now it is useful but not great to look at.


Nice App. If I could make a feature request– some resizing options would be nice... looks a little small on a 27" display.

Ive been looking for something like this...

Only had this for a couple of minuets and I like it already. I would like it more if you had a few more options with positioning. I like having my dock on the side of my screen and wanted this to be narrow horizontal to the top, but I am unable to reconfigure this to do anything but vertical anywhere on the screen. Overall though, This is exactly what Ive been looking for, saves having to open the iCal everyday to see if youve missed anything.

Love it - just add gmail calendar

I love this app. The rolling calendar is awesome, I wish other calendars offered a similar view. My only complaint is that you have to go thru iCal to utilize a gmail based calendar. WireLoad, please add Gmail Calendar direct and I am 5 stars all the way.


Can you add colouring to the todo list so it matches ical or so I least dont have to add a note to say what calendar it belongs to.

Great ability to see iCal at all times.

But I think $10 is a bit too much for this one-trick pony. $5 for sure. So 4 stars. There are some very nice features: rolling calendar is novel; 3 different viewing sizes; short cuts to add entries; and the ability to stick it anywhere. I would like to see a month: thats my main viewing setting for iCal: can see farther ahead. Visually very nice.

Buggy in Lion, was ok in Snow Leopard

I bought Blotter before Lion came out, and it was working fine with this version. Once I upgraded to Lion, it keeps quitting on me when I close the preference window and when I cancel tasks. If they fix the bugs soon, then its a good buy but for now its kinda annoying, though still functional.

Colours Issue

This app is good. It does what it says it will. There is an issue with calendar colours. Blotter does not use the same colours as set in iCal. This is annoying as something I like about iCal is the ability to colour code the different calendars. It would be nice if the calendars on Blotter were the same as set in iCal. Also I would like to be able to customize the Blotter layout more, for example shrinking or removing the giant todays date or removing the to do or right now colum.

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